GCFSI@WUR Design Thinking Session

The education across business & development innovation that we want

On October 28, 2014, the GCFSI at WUR in collaboration with the Centre for Development Innovation (CDI) organized a design thinking session under the topic “The education across business & development innovation that we want.” The overall goal of the session is to build stronger CDI-SSG faculty connections in education, grant acquisition and research. In order to achieve this, we realize that we first of all need MSc students (and possibly also BSc students and interns) with strong management/organization/innovation/entrepreneurship theory background, an “understanding of business”, and a vivid interest in international development issues. In line with this, we invited SSG faculty members interested in GCFSI themes and some PhD/MSc students to discuss their perspectives on what the SSG education offers and what are missing and brainstorm on possible and concrete strategies to address three important questions:
1. Short run: what CDI needs from SSG faculty now? Where can we find the appropriate students with the aforementioned profile? 2. Medium run: how can we have a stable flow of students with the aforementioned profile to give continuity to our CDI-faculty collaboration? 3. Long run: how can we form a stable flow of students with the aforementioned
The session was opened by a welcome note by Dr. Domenico Dentoni and was followed by a short presentation by Cora Van Oosten (CDI, Expert in the area of Landscape Restoration) and Yeray Gonzalez (CDI, Expert in the area of Food Value Chains) on some current projects at CDI and areas of expertise they need from SSG. Then, Dr. Dentoni made a short presentation on the main activities of SSG (education , research and consultancy), key areas of expertise of MST/SSG and the current gaps in linking SSG and CDI/other DLOs across education and research.


This is the official account of Global Center for Food Systems Innovation at Wageningen University. The Students' Blog, www.gcfsiwur.wordpress.com, is attached to this account.

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