Msc thesis opportunity with CDI

Are you Seeking a Project to Make Your MSc Thesis Relevant? Interested to Combine Research, Innovation & Development? If so, here is YOUR topic: Innovating Development to Develop Innovation: Mapping CDI Toolbox to Improve Performance of Local Fresh Food Chains in Emerging Economies

The Centre for Development Innovation (CDI) at WUR together with the Management Studies Group are looking for a motivated MSc student that will support in systematically mapping and assessing the effectiveness of a number of innovative tools that CDI has developed overtime. This is an exciting research with the core focus of analyzing the project portfolio or “toolbox” of the CDI.

CDI’s vision is to “Create Capacities for Change.” CDI works on “change processes through facilitating innovation, brokering knowledge and supporting capacity development.” Being part of Wageningen UR, CDI is one of the most active and “on the market” applied research institutes and globally recognized for its work in emerging economies. CDI projects aim to create capacities for change, which departs from the traditional development approach of “doing direct change interventions”. This involves:

1) Facilitating local stakeholders – value chain actors, NGOs, public sector, movements and civil society – to organize themselves and to make the best use of locally available resources; and

2) Building capacities of local partners to manage the complex set of value chain actor’ relationships and stakeholder relationships according to their own organizational/institutional aims.

Learn more about the background of the research, the broad research questions, the requirements for applying, the expected output of the research and the contact person on the call for MSc students here.

Entrepreneurship and Strategy in Landscape Restoration: Why, How and When local businesses decide to invest in restoring the landscape?

The Centre for Development Innovation (CDI) at WUR is now ready to host students for thesis and/or for internship on an exciting project called “COMMONLAND” project.The project focuses on the possibilities of restoring landscape by investing in local businesses.Landscape restoration is currently gaining momentum as a means of jointly addressing the need of healthier and more enjoyable landscapes, the broader problem of climate change, and business interests of local companies and their clients. One of the key questions in landscape restoration is, however, who is to take up responsibility for, and paying the costs of, its restoration? Landscapes can be restored depending on the biophysical characteristics of the landscapes, but even more so on the interests of a landscape’s stakeholders, and the way in which they negotiate and make landscape decisions. Know more about landscape restoration here.

To make landscape restoration possible and sustainable, then, it is key to understand why, what and how businesses can invest in landscape restoration. This calls for business students, practitioners and scholars in several fields, including innovation, entrepreneurship, strategy and finance, to tackle some of these broad questions:

· Entrepreneurship: What are the motivations driving entrepreneurs to undertake collective action in landscape restoration? How entrepreneurs can effectively combine resources from public institutions, communities, their business partners and other stakeholders to seek business opportunities? What are the (public and/or private) financial mechanisms available to entrepreneurs to undertake profitable and sustainable landscape restoration?

· Creating “Shared” Value: What are the (financial, social, natural, inspirational) returns on landscape restoration investment? How can they be measured? How are they “shared” among the multiple landscape stakeholders? How can local businesses balance competition and cooperation with other industry players and stakeholders in landscape restoration? In other words, how local businesses reconcile “shared value creation” and conflicts in landscape restoration business models?

In collaboration with CDI, the Management Studies Group and its Global Center for Food Systems Innovation seek students interested in doing MSc thesis or an internship with a direct impact on a Wageningen University project and on society. Please contact Domenico Dentoni( and Cora Van Oosten( with your CV and letter of motivation if you are interested to pursue this opportunity!!!


This is the official account of Global Center for Food Systems Innovation at Wageningen University. The Students' Blog,, is attached to this account.

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