Wageningen UR participates as keynote speaker to Entrepreneurship Innovation in Conflict Regions workshop

A workshop on “Enabling Agri-Entrepreneurship and Innovations in Conflict Regions” organized by University of Hawaii at Manoa and Mindanao’s Southern Christian College was held at Mindanao in February 2015. The workshop concluded the project UPLOAD JOBS for Mindanao funded by the USAID and established the basis for CAFE – the Center for Agricultural and Food Entrepreneurship based in Mindanao – which becomes integral part of our Global Center for Food Systems Innovation Network.

The workshop focused on small agri-business and farms within communities where individuals face conflicts that are barriers to their business growth cycle, and thus their economic security. It brought together young agri-food entrepreneurs from Mindanao in a lively discussion with professionals, scholars, USAID officials, US consultants and entrepreneurs, and development practitioners to present research and propose innovative strategies to enhance and inform small-scale agri-entrepreneurship and agricultural business in conflict areas, particularly in Asia.

Dr. Domenico Dentoni from Wageningen University gave a keynote presentation to the workshop with a presentation titled “Linking Networks to Stimulate the Entrepreneurial Potential of Youth in Peripheral rural Communities”. During the presentation, Dr. Dentoni reasoned with the audience on what being an entrepreneur actually means for young people living in rural areas in a transition context. Building on the recent study conducted by MSc student Mr. Noor Ali, Dentoni shared the Dutch experience of AgriProFocus in Sub-Saharan Africa (and now also in Indonesia) as a way of effectively and sustainably sharing knowledge across farmers, their collective groups and their stakeholders in developing countries to stimulate entrepreneurship and innovation.


This is the official account of Global Center for Food Systems Innovation at Wageningen University. The Students' Blog, www.gcfsiwur.wordpress.com, is attached to this account.

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