Wageningen UR uses Value Network Analysis to map resource complementarity in Malawi

As part of the Global Center for Food Systrems Innovation research in 2014, staff and students at Wageningen University have used Value Network Analysis to map the complexity of relationships among actors in and around the Malawian legume sector – and, differently from traditional Social Network Analysis and Netchain Analysis – also the associated resources exchanged and pooled by the actors.

This led to a map with direct implications for USAID and other public and private actors involved in building partnerships for scaling innovations in the Malawian and Southern African legume (and intertwined maize) systems.

Follow ups of this research was presented and discussed at:

  • Seminar “Value Network Analysis for Development of the Malawian Legume Sector” held by Mr. Noor Ali and Dr. Domenico Dentoni (Wageningen University) at Lilongwe University of Agricultural and Natural Resources (LUANAR), Bunda College, Malawi in November 25th, 2014
  • USAID convening on scaling Climate Resilient Maize (CRM) seeds in Sub-Saharan Africa in Washington DC, February 2015. Based on the outcomes of the Malawi research, Wageningen University staff participated to the development of a systems dynamics tool for scaling Climate Resilient Maize (CRM) seeds in Sub-Saharan Africa.
  • Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) and Systems Dynamics (SYDIC) Workshop in Rome, July 2015, to discuss and advance agricultural and food systems mapping methods for development and innovation in developing countries


This is the official account of Global Center for Food Systems Innovation at Wageningen University. The Students' Blog, www.gcfsiwur.wordpress.com, is attached to this account.

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