Application opened for WageningenUR PhD course on organizational change and practice for large systems

Management Studies Group of Wageningen University launches a new PhD course aiming at translating organizational change into effective practice. Putting Big Ideas into Practice: Developing Soft Skills for Large Systems Change” will appoint the issues of “how can we practically think big, act small and move fast”.

Five modules will provide PhD students with:

  1. the theoretical framework on how (intra and inter)-personal skills stimulate change in teams, organizations, institutions and societies;
  2. the essential “soft skills” to stimulate change: creativity, leadership, adapting to changing environments, intercultural and interdisciplinary communication, networking, teamwork, and mechanisms for collective learning and problem solving
  3. an application, through group assignments and tutorials, of entrepreneurship and innovation theories through tools to put big ideas” into business practice: developing business plans, seeking entrepreneurial finance and designing open innovation tools.

To make the course as practical and relevant as possible for participants, students will be encouraged to build upon their background and research ideas to form entrepreneurial and innovative teams with their colleagues for dealing with “big problems” and put “big ideas” into practice in the business world.

As part of the course, three study visits will be organized to provide examples of dynamic and innovative institutions: Agriport7, a technological agribusiness park including 450 hectares of greenhouse in North Holland; Starthub, in entrepreneurial incubator for students based in the surroundings of Wageningen University; Startlife, an entrepreneurial incubator for start-up companies and university spinoffs based, also, in the environs of Wageningen University.

The kick-off will be in late August and it will be running till late October. The course will be a full-time schedule, from 9 till 17 from Monday till Friday. The course lectures and tutorials will take place at Social Science building, De Leeuwenborch, at Wageningen University. For more details on the content and about organizational issues, please reach Dr. Domenico Dentoni at the contact page of  the GCFSI students’ blog



This is the official account of Global Center for Food Systems Innovation at Wageningen University. The Students' Blog,, is attached to this account.

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