Wageningen UR participates to Applied and Agricultural Economics Association Annual Meetings, July 26-28

Part of the Global Center for Food Systems Innovation research 2014 in Malawi will be at the AAEA Annual Meeting in San Francisco, USA, where professionals and students in the field of agricultural and applied economics have the opportunity to present research, learn about the latest trends and network.

Dr. Domenico Dentoni and Dr. Liesbeth Dries from Agricultural Economics and Rural Policy (AEP) Group at Wageningen University will present their latest findings in the research titled ”Private sector investments to create market-supporting institutions: the case of Malawian Agricultural Commodity Exchange”.

The authors critically discuss to what extent, how and why the Malawian Agricultural Commodity Exchange (ACE) is managing to achieve a systems innovation in Sub-Saharan Africa. Key reasons of the rapid ACE transformation is its governance structure – which allowed for private investments from multiple sources yet maintaining a “balance of powers” among farmers’, traders’ and financial institutions’ interests.

Challenges of the ACE horizon include finding a more articulated coordination with the Malawian government and demonstrating to provide direct benefits to farmers by establishing a more capillary network of storage infrastructures in rural areas and by fully expanding from a national to a regional (Southern African) scale.


This is the official account of Global Center for Food Systems Innovation at Wageningen University. The Students' Blog, www.gcfsiwur.wordpress.com, is attached to this account.

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