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Thesis opportunity: collaborative creativity and quantitative analysis in many areas

Are you looking for an opportunity to study how people solve challenging problems in their field of interest?

Are you exceptionally good in statistical analysis using SPSS, STATA or similar tools?

MTS chair group is looking for motivated and self-starter student who wants to work in an exiting international team of researchers. You will be working on cutting-edge innovation projects for one to three months with the option to extension.

If you are interested please send an email to with your quantitative skills, courses taken and areas of interests.


PhD student vacancy on Climate-Resilient Maize Demand in Ethiopia

_IMA_LOG_WURPhD student vacancy on Post-Harvest Factors Influencing Climate-Resilient Maize Seed Demand in Ethiopia



The Management Studies Group (MST) at Wageningen University is seeking a Sandwich PhD candidate in Business Management and Economics as part of the research program within the Global Center for Food Systems Innovation).

Despite the evidence currently produced through current research projects funded by USAID both in the areas of farmers’ adoption for improved maize seed varieties and for post-harvest loss technologies, a persisting knowledge gap relates to the question: how does post-harvest and maize market information influence farmers’ demand for improved maize seeds?

Deadline: July 30th, 2015
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Deadline extension: PhD student vacancy on Multistakeholders Platforms

_IMA_LOG_WUR Governance of Multistakeholders Platforms and their Effects on Farmers’ Entrepreneurship in Uganda



Referring to the news posted on July 9th, 2015, the deadline for this PhD position has been postponed to July 30th, 2015.

All interested students are invited to apply as soon as possible.

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Why Global, why Center, why Food, why Systems, why Innovation

Wageningen, 2015 – Editorial

I’ll embark now on the hard task of reminding who we are and what we are doing through 5 words that give life to our name – hopefully without: falling into an academic jargon; disappointing any of my “theory-orthodox” colleagues; nor boring most of you.

Global: we keep the world in its entirety as our perspective. Although we receive funding from multiple specific countries and organizations, we realize that taking an holistic view on how problems, systems and institutions  are intertwined is the only way to make our research and actions meaningful.

Center: we are a permanent, self-sustaining institution that lasts longer that its initial funding (2012-2017). Despite we enjoy working in networks, we have a budget center at the Management Studies (MST) Group of Wageningen University that catalyses our resources across collaborations with many partners and funding institutions worldwide. P.S. We are “center” and not “centre” because we have born in the US side of the world.

Food: we focus on food and agriculture, as we recognize that these fields require specific sets of skills and expertise to connect natural and social systems. Problems and opportunities in food and agriculture are unique and difficult to compare, act on and scale relative to other sectors.

Systems: we are aware that the phenomena that we study and act on are directly and indirectly interrelated across multiple levels. Thus we strive to think strategically on how our research and the actions of our study subjects result both in intended and unintended consequences for the other actors even indirectly connected to us and them.

Innovation: we strive to open and contribute to critical discussions on problems that require change in food and agriculture and on the tools, actions and organizations that seem effective in dealing with these problems. We take a management and organization perspective as we investigate why, when, how and which individuals and collective entities use tools, actions and organizations to deal with these problems.

I hope you find this newsletter in line with these statements and, more importantly, in line with your future moves. We share them to cultivate our relationships and trigger your ideas for our next move together – so please contact us if you have ideas for collaboration.



Dr. Domenico Dentoni

GCFSI Principal Investigator at Wageningen University

PhD Student vacancy: Governance of Multistakeholders Platforms

WAG_logo+textGovernance of Multi-Stakeholder Platforms and their Effects on Farmers’  Entrepreneurship in Uganda

Management Studies Group, Wageningen University

The Management Studies (MST) Group at Wageningen University is seeking to fill an exciting “Sandwich PhD” position for a candidate in Uganda financed through a forthcoming project. The PhD student would contribute to the current debate on how the governance of multi-stakeholder innovation platforms influences – directly or indirectly through network, institutional or policy change – farmers’ and/or small businesses’ entrepreneurship along food supply chains. This is part of a broader project (still in need of receiving formal approval) titled “Developing value chain innovation platforms to improve food security in East and Southern Africa” in collaboration with the World Agroforestry Centre and University of Adelaide.

The position would be full-time from September 2015 up to September 2019:

  • 1st year would be in Wageningen
  • 2nd and 3rd year in Uganda (with possibility of travelling to Zambia for a comparative study) and final year in Wageningen until graduation

Application Deadline: July 20th, 2015

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