GCFSI partners’ 2015-2017 publications

Value Chains and Networks in Development

  • Abebe, G. K., Bijman, J., & Royer, A. (2016). Are middlemen facilitators or barriers to improve smallholders’ welfare in rural economies? Empirical evidence from Ethiopia. Journal of Rural Studies43, 203-213.
  • Sjauw-Koen-Fa, A. R., Blok, V., & Omta, S. O. (2016). Critical Success Factors for Smallholder Inclusion in High Value-Adding Supply Chains by Food & Agribusiness Multinational Enterprises. International Food and Agribusiness Management Review19(1), 83. Click here.
  • Dicecca, R., Pascucci, S., & Contò, F. (2016). Understanding reconfiguration pathways of agri-food value chains for smallholder farmers. British Food Journal118(8), 1857-1882. Click here.
  • Dondè, G., Trienekens, J., & Bloemhof, J. M. (2016). Designing Sustainable Production and Distribution Scenarios for the Beef and Pork Supply Chains in Brazil. International Journal on Food System Dynamics7(4), 271-292. Click here.
  • Arinloye, D. D. A. A., Linnemann, A. R., Hagelaar, J. L. F., Omta, S. W. F., Coulibaly, O., & van Boekel, M. A. J. S. (2016). Willingness to pay for market information received by mobile Phone among smallholder pineapple farmers in Benin. In Quality and innovation in food chains (pp. 75-100). Wageningen Academic Publishers. Click here.
  • Bijman, J., & Bitzer, V. (2016). Quality improvement in food value chains: searching for integrated solutions. In Quality and innovation in food chains (pp. 15-31). Wageningen Academic Publishers. Click here.
  • Gorton, M., Angell, R., Dries, L., Urutyan, V., Jackson, E., & White, J. (2015). Power, buyer trustworthiness and supplier performance: Evidence from the Armenian dairy sector. Industrial Marketing Management50, 69-77. Click here.
  • Pascucci, S., Dries, L., Karantininis, K., & Martino, G. (2015). Regulation and organizational change in the governance of agri-food value chains. British Food Journal. Click here.
  • Trienekens, J. H. (2015). Organisational innovation in agriculture and food chains: towards sustainable business networks. Inaugural lecture upon taking the position of Personal Professor of Chain and Network Management. Wageningen University, Wageningen UR. Click here.

Collective Action, Governance and New Organizational Forms in Development

  • Miralles, I., Dentoni, D., Pascucci, S. (2017). Understanding the organization of sharing economy in agri-food systems: Evidence from Alternative Food Networks in Valencia. Agriculture and Human Values.
  • Pascucci, S., Dentoni, D., Cembalo, L. and Lombardi, A. (2016) “Sharing values or sharing costs? Understanding consumers’ participation in alternative food networks.” NJAS Wageningen Journal of Life Sciences 78, 47–60. Click here.
  • Bijman, J., Muradian, R., & Schuurman, J. (Eds.). (2016). Cooperatives, economic democratization and rural development. Edward Elgar Publishing. Click here.
  • Tefera, D. A., Bijman, J., & Slingerland, M. A. (2016). Agricultural Co‐Operatives in Ethiopia: Evolution, Functions and Impact. Journal of International Development. Click here.
  • Brouwer, J. H., Woodhill, A. J., Hemmati, M., Verhoosel, K. S., & van Vugt, S. M. (2016). The MSP guide. Practical Action Publishing Ltd. Click here.
  • Soundararajan, V., Bogie, J., Dentoni, D., Diaz, J. and Reynaga, A. (2016). Interview to Prof. Bobby Banerjee, Cass Business School. Community section, Annual Review of Social Partnerships 11, 1-123. Click here.
  • Bitzer, V., Bogie, J., Dentoni, D. and Reynaga, A. (2015). Interview to Dr. Marco Ferroni, Syngenta Foundation. Community section, Annual Review of Social Partnerships 10, 1-119. Click here.
  • Dentoni, D., & Dries, L. (2015). Private sector investments to create market-supporting institutions: The case of Malawian Agricultural Commodity Exchange. In 2015 AAEA & WAEA Joint Annual Meeting, July 26-28, San Francisco, California (No. 205709). Agricultural and Applied Economics Association & Western Agricultural Economics Association. Click here.
  • Cembalo, L., Lombardi, A., Pascucci, S., Dentoni, D., Migliore, G., Verneau, F., & Schifani, G. (2015). “Rationally Local”: Consumer Participation in Alternative Food Chains. Agribusiness31(3), 330-352. Click here.
  • Pascucci, S., & Duncan, J. (2015). 8.‘Informal virtues’ and ‘formal vices’? Understanding the implications of producer organizations for pastoralists in India. In Cooperatives, Economic Democratization and Rural Development (pp. 175-200). Edward Elgar Publishing Limited.

Entrepreneurship and Innovation in Development

  • Lai, C., Dentoni, D., Chan-Halbrendt, C., Neyra, E. (2017).  “Adapting the measurement of youth entrepreneurship potential to the context of Mindanao, Philippines.” Journal of International Business and Entrepreneurship Development.
  • Lai, C., Chan, C., Dentoni, D., Neyra, E. (2017). “Measuring youth entrepreneurs’ potential: the case of an out-of-school youth training program in Mindanao, Philippines.” In Chan, C., (Ed.) Agri-Entrepreneurship in Conflict and Transition Regions, CABI, London, UK.
  • Agbeko, D., Blok, V., Omta, S., & Velde, G. V. D. (2016). Entrepreneurial and Business Skills and Loan Repayment Rates of Microfinance Clients in Ghana. Journal of Developmental Entrepreneurship. Click here.
  • Dentoni, D., & Klerkx, L. (2015). Co-managing public research in Australian fisheries through convergence–divergence processes. Marine Policy60, 259-271. Click here.
  • Bitzer, V., & Bijman, J. (2015). From innovation to co-innovation? An exploration of African agrifood chains. British Food Journal117(8), 2182-2199. Click here.
  • Poldner, K., Shrivastava, P., & Branzei, O. (2015). Embodied Multi-Discursivity An Aesthetic Process Approach to Sustainable Entrepreneurship. Business & Society. Click here.
  • Materia, V. C., Giarè, F., & Klerkx, L. (2015). Increasing Knowledge Flows between the Agricultural Research and Advisory System in Italy: Combining Virtual and Non-virtual Interaction in Communities of Practice. The Journal of Agricultural Education and Extension21(3), 203-218. Click here.
  • Esposti, R., & Materia, V. C. (2015). The determinants of the public cofinancing rate for applied R&D: an empirical assessment on agricultural projects in an Italian region. R&D Management. Click here.
  • Pascucci, S., Dentoni, D., & Mitsopoulos, D. (2015). The perfect storm of business venturing? The case of entomology-based venture creation. Agricultural and Food Economics3(1), 9. Click here.
  • Dentoni, D., Pascucci, S., & Migliore, G. (2015, January). Entrepreneurship in Consumption and the Role of Sharing. In Academy of Management Proceedings (Vol. 2015, No. 1, p. 17357). Academy of Management. Click here.

Strategic Management and CSR in Development 

  • Ingenbleek, P. and Dentoni, D. (2016). Learning from Stakeholder Pressure and Embeddedness: The Roles of Absorptive Capacity in the Corporate Social Responsibility of Dutch Agribusinesses. Sustainability, 8(10), 10-26. Click here.
  • Pancino, B., Pascucci, S., Blasi, E., Ruini, L., & Ronchi, C. (2016). The role of network creation and actor engagement in the adoption and diffusion of sustainable innovations in food value chains. Rivista di Economia Agraria71(1), 78-85. Click here.
  • Long, T. B., Blok, V., & Poldner, K. (2016). Business models for maximising the diffusion of technological innovations for climate-smart agriculture. International Food and Agribusiness Management Review, 1-20. Click here.
  • Dentoni, D., & Bitzer, V. (2015). The role (s) of universities in dealing with global wicked problems through multi-stakeholder initiatives. Journal of Cleaner Production106, 68-78. Click here.

Organizational Learning and Change in Development

  • Poldner, K., Dentoni, D., & Ivanova, O. (2017). Aesthetic mediation of creativity, sustainability and the organization. Journal of Cleaner Production140, 1936-1947. Click here.
  • Dentoni, D., Bitzer, V. and Pascucci, S. (2016). “Cross Sector Partnerships and the Co-Creation of Dynamic Capabilities for Stakeholder Orientation.” Journal of Business Ethics 135 (1), 35-53. Special Issue on The Impact of Cross-Sector Partnerships. Click here.
  • Poldner, K., Poldner, K., Ivanova, O., Ivanova, O., Branzei, O., & Branzei, O. (2016). Osklen: the aesthetics of social change. Emerald Emerging Markets Case Studies6(2), 1-30. Click here.
  • Waddock, S., Meszoely, G. M., Waddell, S., & Dentoni, D. (2015). The complexity of wicked problems in large scale change. Journal of Organizational Change Management28(6), 993-1012. Click here.
  • Waddell, S., Waddock, S., Cornell, S., Dentoni, D., McLachlan, M., & Meszoely, G. (2015). Large Systems Change: Introduction to the concept. Journal of Corporate Citizenship 53. Special Issue on Large Systems Change. Click here.
  • Wesselink, R., Blok, V., van Leur, S., Lans, T., & Dentoni, D. (2015). Individual competencies for managers engaged in corporate sustainable management practices. Journal of Cleaner Production106, 497-506. Click here.


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